A Not So “Corny” Way To Help Your Community!

Driving to town on SW 60, it is easy to see that harvest time is going to be here whether you’re ready for it or not.  Beans and corn have to be harvested and you’ve got to go to the elevator sooner or later.  While there, I hope you’ll consider making a gift of grain to the Harvest a Row program.  All you need to do is ask to have your ticket split and state the amount of bushels you’d like to “donate” to the Ag Field of Interest Fund at the Decatur County Community Foundation.  Our local elevators all participate and are willing to send your gift to the Foundation.  You will receive a thank you from the Foundation with the dollar amount listed for tax reporting purposes.  Your community benefits through the variety of grants that the Ag Committee gives annually from earnings on the fund.  Those of you who have been participating can be proud of what your gifts are doing to help raise ag awareness in our community.  Most recently, your gifts have allowed for raised bed gardens to be started, a high school outdoor café/classroom project, community garden projects that help people learn to help themselves AND provide extra fruits/vegetables to local food pantries.  You can see your dollars in action all around the fairgrounds, from “poop scoops” to the wheelbarrows that haul it, cages, fences and gates. Your gifts to Harvest a Row make a huge difference!  If you’ve got any questions on the program, we’d love for you to call or stop by so we can talk.