Benefits of Giving

Giving is about following your passion and choosing the best option for you. You want to make the difference. Let us help you. The Decatur County Community Foundation provides you a simple, flexible way to make an impact for generations to come. We can help you because:

We know our community.
The DCCF works closely with non-profits, volunteers and government groups throughout the county to maximize the effects of our grants. That knowledge allows us to match your interests with the community needs and opportunities.

We are forever.
Monies given to the DCCF are placed into an endowment that will be permanent. The donor’s legacy will be maintained and their wishes will be followed. Once a fund is established, anyone can give any amount, at any time.

We are flexible.
You need options and we can provide them. Because our mission is to make life better for all the residents of Decatur County, the options are endless. Have a favorite charity? We can do that with a designated fund. Have a favorite cause? We can do that with a field of interest fund. Want to help teach your children about charity or change where your money goes yearly? We can do that with a donor advised fund, which gives you the freedom to study and give your input. Want our input? It is our job to know what is happening in Decatur County and we will work with you to make your passion a reality.

We make it easy for you.
A simple agreement will allow you to set-up a fund. We do all the paperwork and grant processing for you. We also do the financial management. We have a knowledgeable investment committee who creates and oversees our investment policy, which our professional advisers implement.

We help you achieve the maximum tax advantages.
Our public charity status allows you the maximum tax benefits. We encourage all donors to discuss the potential benefits with their adviser or ours.