How Big is YOUR Community?

Is it just your neighborhood, is it where you go to church, does it extend to where you go out to eat, shop or play?  Whatever boundaries you put on your interpretation of community, we all have the same problems.  The whole world is in turmoil. 

There are problem solvers sitting around community tables at diners around the world discussing what ought to be done over a never-ending cup of coffee.  There are always plenty of opinions but there are no easy answers. People feel powerless. People feel overwhelmed. There is so much broken that needs fixing.

Everyone says “I’m just one person. What can I possibly do?”

The answers are all right here.  We start where we are, with what we have and we make our little corner of the earth a better place.  We can’t do it all but we can all do something.   Money helps but it isn’t the only way to improve our world. We can be kinder than necessary.  We can give someone the benefit of the doubt.  We don’t have to be first in line.  We can share a little of what we have.

A smile doesn’t cost anything and can make someone’s day.  We can let others help us when we have need because we would do the same for them.  We can do the right thing in spite of what the world implies we should do.  If life were truly like a half-hour sitcom, we’d be in even worse trouble.  But, most of us know better.  We laugh because there is something there that is recognizable but it stops there.  Problems aren’t solved that easy or in a neat half hour package. But, they aren’t unsolvable either.

There is hunger in our community…but there are programs to help fight that.  YOUR Community Foundation makes grants to the Bread of Life.  The Bread of Life serves 3000 – 4000 meals, on average, per month. Our grants help them do what they do best.

Your Community Foundation uses the power of your donations to earn money to make donations to Gleaners, who in turn helps provide weekend groceries for school children right here in YOUR county.  Grants from YOUR Community Foundation help teachers and school staff go above and beyond to help those they see that could use the extra help.

Programs from the Decatur County YMCA provide meals for children to sites around the county during the summer months.  It provides after school meals, tutoring and general nurturing programs. The Foundation works in partnership with so many good agencies in our community.  Those agencies wouldn’t work without  so many hands, so many hearts, so many sets of eyes seeing what the needs are and stepping up to take care of those needs.

The Foundation knows there are many different kinds of needs.  Talents need to be encouraged to develop.  To be bright, vibrant and welcoming to those who live here and to encourage others to make this their home, the Arts need to be a part of what our community has to offer.  And, surprise!  There is a grant for that!  From watercolors to walking paths, identifying what is needed and helping in whatever way possible is what community members do.   That is what YOUR Community Foundation is here to do.  Help us.  Be our eyes and share with us what you see.   Share your ideas with us.  There is no shortage of places where you can be a part of the answer.   Choose to be a volunteer.  Any number of agencies can use your hands to help make a difference.

If we all do a little, a lot gets done!