Partnering for Progress

Hmmm…What’s this?  No, the Foundation did not get a new logo but we are working closely with a group of community-minded partners that really are trying to help create a better Greensburg.  You may have been bombarded with a series of requests late last summer and this fall.  The “Partners for Community Progress” worked together to try to get as much input from our community as possible because we are really wanting to know what YOU want to see happening in your community.  If it is possible for us to achieve it and enough people are truly interested in seeing the changes, this “vision” that we are working on will begin to take shape.   The original “partners” are Mainstreet Greensburg, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism, Economic Development and your Decatur County Community Foundation.  Those five pooled their resources and hired David Fry to organize and lead the group to discover what it is that Greensburg really wants.  Since the original get-together, the group that meets has grown to represent about twenty different segments of our local population.  The group has tried to hear from the youth of the community, realtors, small business owners, government leaders and any other group that wants to be involved has been welcomed.  There are some exciting ideas on the table and all of these groups are working together to see how best to move forward.  A series of 8 public meetings were held this fall to gather even more input since not everyone jumps onboard with taking surveys via the internet.  The new logo you saw at the top of this article represents the fact that the Community Foundation is one of those partners and we do care about where Greensburg is headed.  We’ll keep you posted as we work towards directing resources towards achieving some of the goals that you, OUR COMMUNITY, has said you would like to see.  We hope you will take the time to stop in and share your ideas with us or any of the Community Partners and if you’re interested in volunteering, we can always work at hooking you up with an agency that can best use your skills and talents.  It takes all of us pulling together in the same direction to make any progress.