Teachers Take Note!

The application deadline for fall Thank-A-Teacher grant is just around the corner.  Applications for up to $250 are due in to our office by October 1st.  As always, the application can be found online at www.dccfound.org, and you are always encouraged to call us with any questions.  We are in constant awe of the extra effort put into teaching our young people.  If you have a project that you think would catch your students’ attention and the school budget can’t cover it, ask the Community Foundation.  These kids belong to OUR village and anything we can do to give them an educational edge helps us all in the long run.  And, for those of you that are still reading J . . . maybe you’re not a teacher but you’re impressed by a teacher that your child or grandchild has.  You are always welcome to make any size donation in honor of a teacher and we’ll handle sending them a very nice note letting them know of your kindness AND you’ll get an acknowledgment that will allow for a charitable tax deduction.  How many gifts can you give that can possibly give you a tax break?!?!