Volunteer Appreciation!!!

We salute our volunteers.  Without these people donating their time and their talents, we would be like a ship without a rudder, a rocket without a guidance system, a car without gas, a cake without icing . . . get the idea!  These folks help make it all happen and we thank them for putting their hearts into the time they volunteer with us!

Susan Rust, Dick Glaser, Vince Rettig, Lynda Smith, Hank Martin, Kristen Stier, Bob Cupp, Mary Miers, Drew Young, Carol Boing, Kristi Jarvis, Bill Corya, Greg Westrup, Jim Sturges, Joe Rust, Ken Inscho,  Daryl Smith, Rick Johnson, Jenni Hanna, Karin Farr, Glenn Tebbe, Judy Cupp, Tammie Mulroney, Eric Weigel, Dennis Wilson, Sue Lebo, David Miers, Steve Gauck, Jay Hatton, Scott Sanders, Roland Shirk, Andrew Steward, Patrick Wells, Jeff Hermesch, Scott Smith, Brenda Miller, Mary Stradley, Sharen Brown, Toni Collins, Sharon Crites, Sheila Doerflinger, Sharon Wickens, Gail Rueff, and Mandee Miley.