YOUR Community Foundation At Work!

Just last month, grants from YOUR Community Foundation . . .

. . . helped with the Catch-A-Ride program

. . . provided special cooking equipment to the Bread of Life to help handle their ever-growing ministry of feeding the hungry

. . . went to Gleaners because their organization does a wonderful job of coordinating the food pantries at the local schools.  They work in partnership with teachers, staff and aides at the schools to help make sure that food goes home with children that need it without making a big deal out of it in front of the children that don’t.

. . . went to the Advocacy for Children program that works to provide a voice for the ever-growing number of children in the court system.  More and more, our news is filled with stories of families hit hard by drugs, poverty, abuse and neglect.  Those children need someone to stand up for them and what is in their best interest.  This program is trying to fill that need.  (And, they are ALWAYS looking for more volunteers to train to be representatives…hint, hint)

. . . and last,  but definitely not least, the only other large grant given out for the second cycle was to the Decatur County Family YMCA.  They are running an afterschool program at Greensburg Elementary that provides additional tutoring, meals and structure to children’s lives.  The results of the extra effort are obvious and we appreciate Diane Hart-Dawson and her team for doing the best that they can do with what they have.  They do all of this because they believe in what they are doing.

REMINDER:  Letters of Intent for the third cycle of large grants (up to $15,000) are due by September 15th.    Don’t put the “pro” in procrastinate!