The Decatur County Community Foundation would like to congratulate the following scholarship recipients.  The Foundation would also like to thank all of the donors that made these scholarships possible. Through their generosity, a total of $377,100.23 (excludes Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship) was able to be given out to deserving students to help further their education.


Lilly Scholarship

Recipient:  Claire Wullenweber – SDHS


DCCF Scholarship

Recipient:  Brooke Owens – SDHS

Recipient:  Braleigh Blauvelt – SDHS

Recipient:  Carl Kroger – SDHS

Recipient:  Jennifer Peters – SDHD


Attie M. Austin Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Chulandon Bradley – GCHS

Recipient:  Cheyanne Jackson – GCHS


Joan Babb Moore Scholarship

Recipient: Elizabeth Porter – GCHS


Roland Curtis and Willa Marie Barnes Nursing Scholarship

Recipient:  Taylor Klene – GCHS


Wayne Baumgartle Agricultural Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Kayla Carder – SDHS


Joanie Bostic Memorial Senior Pirate Spirit Award

Recipient:  Emily Lowe – GCHS


Rev. Robert L. Browning Memorial Fund

Recipient:  Chase Springmeyer – GCHS


Holly Bruns Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Jennifer Peters – SDHS


Clifford Byard Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Elias Watkins – SDHS


J-N-J Chapman Scholarship

Recipient:  Samantha Barkes – SDHS


Bob Clark Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Luke Lozier – GCHS


Russell Corya Memorial Agricultural Scholarship

Recipient:  Braleigh Blauvelt – SDHS


Stewart G. Corya Purdue University Engineering Scholarship

Recipient:  JoBeth Martin – Renewal


Thelma E. Corya Indiana University Kelley School of Business Scholarship

Recipient:  Anekah Bower – Renewal

Recipient:  Shelby Pake – Renewal


Dennis Crowe Science Scholarship

Recipient:  Amanda Hasselbring – NDHS


Arnold D. Ducanes, MD Scholarship

Recipient:  Sara Brown – GCHS


Krista Eldridge Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Sierra Johnson – GCHS

Recipient:  Sarah Bohman – NDHS


Henry A. and Ruby Ernstes Family Scholarship

Recipient:  Jade Hays – GCHS

Recipient:  Jacob Hartman – NDHS

Recipient:  Jennifer Peters – SDHS


Martha L. Frost Scholarship

Recipient:  Nathan Deiwert – GCHS


Joyce J. Green Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Emily Lowe – GCHS

Recipient: Emma Hellmich – GCHS


GCHS Class of 1941 & 1942 Scholarship

Recipient:  Luke Lozier – GCHS


GCHS Class of 1961 Scholarship

Recipient:  Wyatt Case – GCHS


William H. Greiwe Scholarship

Recipient: Tucker Bailey – GCHS

Recipient:  Jacob Hartman – NDHS

Recipient:  Jennifer Peters – SDHS


Frank and Margaret Hahn Scholarship

Recipient:  Samantha Barkes – SDHS


Paul and Eleanor Hoffman Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Alli Harrison


Donald and Barbara Horan Scholarship

Recipient:  Delaney Bruns – Oldenburg


Steve Hunter Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Cheyanne Jackson – GCHS

Recipient: Victoria Crawley – Renewal

Recipient: Chad Scudder – Renewal

Recipient: Jonathon Ward – Renewal


Delmar & Janet Knecht Family Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Taylor Klene – GCHS

Recipient:  Ellen Schwering – NDHS

Recipient:  Jennifer Peters – SDHS


Knights of Columbus, Council 1042 Scholarship

Recipient: Catherine Newhart – GCHS


Lake Santee Women’s Club Scholarship

Recipient:  Alexis Brandenburg – NDHS


Dr. Irwin and Dorothy Lanning & Family Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Rhegan Day – GCHS


Burney and Lucy Lehman Scholarship

Recipient GCHS:  Nathan Deiwert

Recipient GCHS:  Kyran Luken

Recipient GCHS:  Alec McCullough

Recipient GCHS:  Samanatha Miller

Recipient GCHS:  Sally Wagner

Recipient NDHS:  Jacob Hartman

Recipient NDHS:  Katherine Grote

Recipient SDHS:  Jennifer Peters

Recipient SDHS:  Kirby Owens


Campbell “Buck” McIntyre Scholarship

Recipient:  Carl Kroger – SDHS

Recipient:  Katelyn Friend – SDHS


Darryl P. Menefee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Recipient:  Evan Smith – NDHS


On Eagle’s Wings Scholarship

Recipient:  Amanda Hasselbring – NDHS


William R. Rayner – Harold and Barbara Graue Scholarship

Recipient:  Tori Haessig – Milan High School


Diane Reynolds Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Morgan Byrd – SDHS

Recipient: Katelyn Friend – SDHS


Clifford “Skip” Ricke Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Kayla Carder – SDHS


Roscoe Family Scholarship

Recipient:  Katelyn Friend – SDHS


Myer and Wilma Schreiber Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Ashlynn Meyer – GCHS

Recipient:  Bailey Meyer – GCHS

Recipient:  Alex Sefton – Renewal


Howard G. Shake Scholarship

Recipient:  Ciara Paugh – NDHS


Bonnie Springmeyer Nursing Scholarship

Recipient:  Kirstin Hersley – GCHS


Cecelia Springmeyer Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Krista Browder – SDHS

Recipient:  William Armand – SDHS

Recipient:  Kiara Nobbe – NDHS


Ted & Marian Stout Scholarship

Recipient:  Amanda Hasselbring – NDHS


George F. Tanner Memorial Scholarship

Recipient: Haleigh Kuntz – NDHS


James A. Volk Engineering Scholarship

Recipient:  Cole Bower – SDHS

Recipient:  Evan Smith – NDHS


Daryl R. Wolter Memorial Scholarship

Recipient:  Evan Smith – NDHS


Loren and Mary York Scholarship

Recipient:  Ciara Paugh – NDHS


First Federal Good Citizenship Scholarship

Recipient:  Ashley Bower – GCHS

Recipient:  Madison Fields – GCHS

Recipient:  Katelynn Hall – GCHS

Recipient:  Brayton Owens – GCHS

Recipient:  Kyle Sellers – GCHS

Recipient:  Hayleigh Kuntz – NDHS

Recipient:  Taylor Zavala – NDHS

Recipient:  Charlie Hamilton – SDHS

Recipient:  Mackenzie Owens – SDHS


Scholarships Not Awarded This Year:

John T. Deniston Ball State Scholarship

Danny W. Dieckmann Memorial Scholarship

Robert E. Simmonds Memorial Scholarship

Zetterberg Family Music Scholarship