Our People

The Decatur County Community Foundation has been helping lead the charge towards a stronger community in Decatur County. We’re able to do this because of the fantastic board members and staff members we have, along with the generous donors in our community.


At the Decatur County Community Foundation, the Board members and other community volunteers contribute their time and expertise on a variety of committees.

Executive Committee

Provides guidance on an as-needed basis for opportunities that may not pertain specifically to an individual committee’s work, but encompass multiple areas of the Foundation’s work.

  • Daryl Tressler
  • Stephanie Kress
  • Kristi Jarvis
  • Hank Martin
Grant Review Committee
  • Kristi Jarvis, chair
  • Carol Boing
  • Dick Glaser
  • Hank Martin
  • Ken Inscho
  • John Nieman
  • Priscilla Bushorn
Investment Committee

Recommends investment policies to the Board and monitors investment performance.

  • Bill Corya, Chair
  • Bob Cupp
  • Daryl Tressler
  • Rick Johnson
  • Jim Sturges (Emeritus)
  • Drew Young
  • Kelby Owens
  • Steve Freeman
  • Susan Rust
Marketing Committee

Develops marketing strategies and promotes the Foundation to the community.

  • Glenn Tebbe, Chair
  • Steve Freeman
  • Emily Steele
  • Daniel Fayette
Scholarship Committee
  • Stephanie Kress, Chair
  • Eric Weigel
  • Sue Lebo
  • Nita McNealy
  • Eric Raver
  • Blake O’Mara
  • Kay Sefton
Volunteer Recruitment
  • Daryl Tressler
  • Stephanie Kress
  • Kristi Jarvis
  • Hank Martin
  • David Miers (Emeritus)
Agricultural Committee
  • Patrick Wells, chair
  • Steve Gauck
  • Jay Hatton
  • David Miers
  • Scott Sanders
  • Roland Shirk
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Jeff Hermesch
  • Mary Miers
  • Scott Smith
Women's Fund Committee
  • Mary Stradley, Co-chair
  • Toni Collins
  • Sharon Crites
  • Sheila Doerflinger
  • Sharon Wickens
  • Emily Steele
Policy Review Committee
  • Susan Rust
  • Gail Rueff
  • Dennis Wilson
Trades Committee
  • Rose Perdue, chair
  • Becky Bennett
  • Nicole Shields
  • Jeanne Loechle
  • Jane Obermeyer
  • Greg Schneider
  • Sue Auffenberg
  • Barb Lecher
  • Kristy Tebbe