Blah, Blah, not-so Blah!

Annual Meetings…you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!  All the required “hoo-hah” has to be covered and all the right things need to be said.  I am so proud of the short, sweet and very to-the-point annual meeting that our Marketing team put together.  Other than nearly turning Rheadawn Metz into a popsicle, there was nothing that I would have changed about our recent event.  It can be deemed a success when people enjoyed the meal (they did!), and when there is a lot of laughter and chatter.  Having it at noon for the first time in many years proved to be perfect for nearly 90 people to attend.   The roll-out of the new Business Partnership Program and how it fits perfectly with the new LILLY $2 for $1 MATCH was well-timed and well-received by those in attendance.  Our thanks to Diana Robbins for her on-the-spot donation!  Her $50 earned an additional $100 in match money and goes straight into the fund that all of our grants are made from.

Lilly Steps in Again!

Lilly does so very much for community foundations across the state and our meeting is always timed so that the Lilly Scholarship recipient and other four finalists are invited along with their parents to be recognized.  Our community is blessed with some very bright young people and the whole scholarship process proves to us that there is always promise on the horizon with the young people our community is producing.  This year’s Lilly recipient was Annalise Gant from South Decatur.  The remaining four finalists each received a $5000 Decatur County Community Foundation Scholarship to be awarded over four years.   Those students were Abbigayl Eldridge, Molly Mangels, Bryce McCullough and Madison Owens.

Stephen Decatur Award Goes to…

The Stephen Decatur award was given to a very surprised and very humbled Dr. Bob Cupp.  His involvement in a community that he and wife Judy adopted as their own when he moved here to become County School Superintendent is impressive.  He and Judy have both given their time to a variety of different but very good causes in the community.  Bob has served as a board member in the past, but more importantly, was willing to step in and be interim director of the foundation for almost half a year between Executive Directors.  I know that I greatly appreciated his advice and guidance when I came on board…and he was ready to resume retirement as quickly as he felt comfortable leaving me on my own!

Much thanks to City Hall and Mayor Manus for allowing us to have our meeting in the gym, to Your Box Catering for the great meal, to _____ sound for having a flawless sound-system and other electronics in place.  As they say (or so I’ve heard) in the movie business…. That’s a wrap!  (Until next year!)

If you would like a copy of our annual report, click here to view the digital version or visit us in-person to get a physical copy!