Decatur County Purdue Alumni Association Fund

Sometime in 1999, the current president of the Decatur County Purdue Alumni Association, David Miers, brought up the fact, to his board, that the association had raised quite a lot of money since its inception and that the organization of their assets wasn’t being handled as well as it could have been.  He explained to the board that The Lilly Endowment would match any of their contributions if they created a fund, with their money, within the Decatur County Community Foundation. The board was hesitant and just wouldn’t go for it. So he did the only thing he could do, he went ahead and did it anyways.  So as of December of 1999, the community foundation has been the home of the Decatur County Purdue Alumni Association Fund. The fund was setup solely to fund scholarships that are given to students who are beginning their sophomore year in the Purdue School of Agriculture.

David commented, “The board came around quick and were glad that we had went ahead and invested with the foundation.

– Thursday, August 4, 2011