In November of 1994, long-time resident and noted journalist, Don Austin, made several generous gifts to our Decatur County Community Foundation, thereby allowing the Foundation to reach its one million dollar goal, and qualifying it for the $500,000.00 matching grant from the Lilly Endowment. In doing so, Mr. Austin utilized several different gifting methods, including designated and discretionary endowment funds and two charitable remainder trusts. The designated endowment fund established in memory of his mother, Attie M. Austin, allowed Don to specify how the annual income was to be utilized and to establish criteria for the selection of the annual award receipt(s). The charitable remainder trust will benefit his children during their respective lifetimes and then will become a part of the Foundation’s endowment to benefit the community for many years to come.

The people of Decatur County are extremely grateful for Mr. Austin’s kindness and philanthropy.