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Why Give?

Your contribution keeps this community thriving and growing. Together, we have been able to accomplish a ton – watch the video below to get a snapshot of just what we can do when we come together as a community.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is donating on this site secure?
Yes! Both the site and the form used are secure.

Where does my money go when I contribute?
You can choose where the money goes. If you know a fund you want to directly contribute to, you can indicate that on the right. If you are not sure where to contribute, then leaving it blank will greatly help us by having the funds going to the Community Fund, which allows us to make great things happen in the community through grants.

100% of your donation is invested.  Your original gift is never spent.  The foundation only uses interest earned from the invested gifts.

I heard I get a free gift if I donate $25 or more during the Week of Online Giving. When do I get my gift?
Firstly, thank you so much for your support! We will be sending out emails confirming mailing addresses and be sending them out as soon as the emails are confirmed.

Have a question not listed here? Send us a message and we’ll help however we can.

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