Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Rueff Endowment

Larry and Gail Rueff of Decatur County, Indiana are both very community and optimistically minded individuals.  Larry, born in 1954, lived in Franklin, IN and was the son of a farmer and a long time elementary school teacher, which is where he got his affinity for speaking according to his wife, Gail.  Gail, born two years after in 1956, is from Marion Indiana and was the daughter of a very community minded mother who worked very closely with the local YMCA. Gail’s eventually moved to the Martinsville area and the two met at Deer Creek High School to end up being long time high school sweethearts since.  The two ended up in Greensburg after Larry had graduated from Purdue and Gail had graduated from Indiana University. Larry took his first job as a veterinarian with the Greensburg Veterinary Clinic. Since Larry and Gail have started their own business and Larry specializes in swine veterinary services while Gail manages their office and all of the business matters.  Larry and Gail have two children as well, Laura a doctor within her residency in California and Erin who is finishing up optometry school at Ohio State. Even with their busy lives, Larry and Gail still take time to give back and be very involved with their communit. In 1993, with guidance from founding members of the Decatur County Community Foundation, Bill Smith and David Miers, Larry and Gail decided to begin a fund dedicated to support individuals within the community with Down Syndrome.  The duo’s philanthropy does not stop there. Gail works with the YMCA and the two are both highly involved with the United Fund as well as members of the First Christian Church. Gail encourages that others in the community get involved with the Foundation saying, “It is very well scrutinized”.


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