Economic Relief Initiative

We’re partnering with Decatur County United Fund to mobilize $150,000 in additional COVID-19 relief funding to local nonprofits.​

The Decatur County Community Foundation and Decatur County United Fund are partnering to distribute $150,000 in grant funding to local nonprofits who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding is made possible by Decatur County United Fund and Indiana United Ways with funding provided by Lilly Endowment, Inc., in partnership with Decatur County Community Foundation. The Grant Team meets every Friday. To be reviewed the same week, an application should be submitted by Wednesday at 12:00 PM of that week.

Grants are available for up to $10,000, and they will address four key funding priorities:

  • Education: Childhood Success (Goal: Children enter school ready and are successful in primary school.)
  • Education: Youth Success (Goal: Youth gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials to obtain family-sustaining employment.)
  • Economic Mobility (Goal: Individuals/families improve their socioeconomic status.)
  • Health (Goal: Individuals/families have access to healthcare and improve their health.)

Funds will be administered by a team of community and philanthropic leaders in Decatur County, including:

  • Tami Wenning, Executive Director, Decatur County Community Foundation
  • Alex Sefton, Public Relations Manager, Decatur County Community Foundation
  • Daryl Tressler, Board President, Decatur County Community Foundation
  • Joane Cunningham, Executive Director, Decatur County United Fund
  • Jayne McCleland, Board President, Decatur County United Fund
  • Brad Schutte, Board Treasurer, Decatur County United Fund
  • Josh Marsh, Mayor, City of Greensburg
  • Rick Nobbe, President, Decatur County Commissioners

Steps to Apply:

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Click the white “Create New Account” button.
  3. Complete the form to create your account.
  4. Select the “COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative” grant type.
  5. Click the blue “Apply” button.
  6. Complete the application.
  7. Submit.
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