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Funds are established by philanthropically-minded people to improve the quality of life in the community. How does a fund work, exactly? It happens in three easy steps:



Donors make gifts to the Foundation



Gifts are invested; the gift grows



Endowment income benefits charitable causes and the community

How to Start a Fund

If you are planning on a gift of at least $10,000, the Foundation would like to work with you to make your wishes a reality. If you would like to donate below $10,000, please use our donation form here. The Foundation tries to make giving as easy as possible by keeping the process streamlined and maintaining a relationship with local professionals to provide you the legal and financial answers you need.

1. Meet with Us

Knowledge is power. Arrange a meeting with the Foundation staff to discuss your charitable wishes. We will explain the services the we can provide you and how the we can meet your needs. The Foundation will take your wishes and work with a professional adviser to create a fund agreement.


2. Review the Agreement

The Foundation will provide you with a custom fund agreement. It will include the name of your fund, the purpose of your fund, the distribution of your fund, any special request of your fund and all the general Foundation information. 


3. Make it Official

After you have reviewed and approved the agreement, the Board of Directors will vote to approve the fund. Upon approval, you and the Board president will sign the agreement, make your donation, and your fund will become part of the permanent endowment. The staff will keep in contact with you when distributions are available from your gift.

Types of Funds


Unrestricted Fund

You want your charitable gift to accomplish the most to improve the quality of life in your community. You believe that as conditions change, a group of citizens from your community will be able to best assess the current charitable needs and will be creative and flexible in their grantmaking.


Field of Interest Fund

You are interested in a particular field (e.g., education, youth, environment), but you do not want to restrict the grants to be made over the years to any specific organization serving that field.


Designated Fund

You have supported a favorite charity or two and would like to continue that support in perpetuity. You designate the specific charity is to receive grants.


Other Fund Options

Please contact your friendly representatives at the Decatur County Community Foundation for other fund options, which may include donor-advised funds.

*You can further expand on these types of funds with variations, such as scholarship funds, operating endowments, and organizational endowments.

Existing Funds

• Anonymous Unrestricted Endowment Fund 
• Donald D. Austin General Endowment Fund 

• Elks Memorial Fund 

• Joe and Madeleine Knueven Family Endowment Discretionary Fund 

• Thomas G. Sibbitt Discretionary Endowment 

• Thank A Teacher Fund 

• Jerry & Eva Westhafer Family Fund

• Arts & Cultural Council of Decatur County 
• Paul and Edith Barringer Fund 
• Mattie P. Bartholomew Memorial Fund
• Roscoe P. Bright Fund for Adams Township Methodist Churches
• Robert L. Browning Memorial Fund

• Burney/Clay Township Volunteer Fire Deptartment Fund
• Virginia M. Carney Hospice Education Fund
• Kathryn Jean Childress Fund **
• Decatur County 4H Foundation Fund
• Decatur County Family YMCA Endowment
• Decatur County Family YMCA Youth Development Program Fund
• Decatur County Historical Society Endowment Fund
• Decatur County Memorial Hospital Fund
• Decatur County Parks and Recreation Projects Fund
• Decatur County United Fund Endowment for Operations
• Decatur County United Fund Endowment for Youth
• Developmental Services, Inc., Endowment Fund
• First Presbyterian Church of Greensburg Fund
• Fund for Recreational Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs
• Greensburg Community High School Class of 1965 **
• Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library Endowment
• Hospice of Decatur County Fund
• Kappa Kappa Kappa, Omega Chapter Fund
• Letts Community Volunteer Fire Deptment Fund
• Qunico Consulting Center Fund
• Will and Dot Ricke Fund for Oldenburg Academy
• Robbins Family Charitable Trust
• Herb and Juanita Scheidler Fund for St. Mary’s Church
• Sheldon & Elizabeth Smith GBG Kindergarten Endowment
• Cliff and Jo Springmeyer Endowment for NAMI of South Central Indiana
• Tree County Players Performing Arts Fund
• Alden and Dorothy Westhafer Memorial Fund

• Decatur County Purdue Agricultural Alumni Association Fund 
• Miers Family Fund
• J. Irwin Miller Fund for Decatur County 

• Paul & Sarah Nahmias Endowment Fund 
• Will and Dot Ricke Fund for St. Mary’s School
• Ronald A. & Judith E. Scheidler Donor Advised Fund 

• Myer and Wilma Schreiber Family Fund 
• Leroy and Cecelia Springmeyer Memorial Fund 
• Stone Family Memorial Fund 
• Hubert E. Wickens Library Memorial Fund

• Franklin and Margaret Corya Family Fund
• Bill and Marge Hunter Family Fund 

• Lowe’s Pellets and Grain Family Fund 
• Bonnie Springmeyer Family Fund 
• Jim and Linda Volk Family Fund

• Arc of Decatur County Endowment Fund 
• Arts & Cultural Council of Decatur County Freedom Trail Project
• Decatur County Agricultural Field of Interest Fund
• Decatur County Fund to Support the Welfare of Animals 
• Fund for Women and Girls 

• Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Rueff Endowment 

• South Park Cemetery Fund

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