GCHS Class of 1961 Scholarship

In 2006, Bill Ernstes approached Larry Myer with a very philanthropic idea that he felt they needed to put forward.  They are both active alumni of the Greensburg Community High School Class of 1961 and felt that it was there time to begin giving back to a community that had given so much to them.  Bill has known about the foundation and what it is all about since its inception, so the Decatur County Community Foundation was his obvious choice for his scholarship organization/investment needs.  At their forty-fifth high school reunion, both Bill and Larry pitched in one thousand dollars to kick off the fund. The fund has been formally named The GCHS Class of 1961 Scholarship and it has quite the interesting use.

Both Bill and Larry attended university and both know that many kids that are there aren’t, “brains”, as he stated. Basically he meant that, a lot of the kids they met weren’t the smartest of the smart and didn’t receive any sort of financial support to attend a university due to not having amazing grades.  

So with this in mind, their scholarship is to be given to the Greensburg Community High School student that is sixty-first in class rank if they are attending any sort of post-secondary schooling. This year, 2011, marks the class’s fiftieth anniversary and at their reunion they hope to receive some extra donations from alumni to help raise the funds available take-out.  

– May 23, 2011