Field of Interest Fund

Connecting personal values to high-impact opportunities.

By establishing a Field of Interest Fund, you can target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. Our board awards grants to community organizations and programs that are making a difference in the area you select. Your gift stays flexible enough to meet community needs in your interest area—even as they change over time.

While you direct the Field of Interest Fund you establish from its creation, the maintenance is left up to us. Our professional program staff continually monitors changing community needs so that you can be sure grants made in the name of your fund make the most impact in your field of interest and create your personal legacy of giving.

You can add any amount to the Field of Interest Fund you establish at any time—and so can others who share your interests in the community. If you endow your gift, it becomes a permanent community funding resource.

Example Donor Story

A personal mission unforgotten.

When they lost their adult daughter, Susan, to cancer, the Perez family received hundreds of contributions from people throughout the community. Susan had been a high school teacher, so many of the contributions came from fellow teachers and from parents of the students whose lives she had touched. “Susan cared so deeply about her work,” says Mrs. Perez, “and we wanted to use the money to continue in that spirit of helping children through their education.” The Perez family spoke with their local community foundation and decided to establish the Susan L. Perez Education Fund, a Field of Interest Fund that memorializes their daughter by supporting local educators and students. “We chose to begin this kind of fund because education is so dynamic,” says Mr. Perez. “We realize that we aren’t always aware of what our school system needs and how it works, and we wanted to be sure that, even years from now, grants made in Susan’s name make sense for our community.”

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