Scholarship Fund

Investing in deserving students.

In creating a Scholarship, you invest in your community’s future and show students you care. Your community foundation provides the expertise to help you meet your personal goals and awards Scholarships to deserving students. Your gift can help students—from preschool to postgraduate—achieve their lifetime dreams.

You can create a Scholarship as a memorial to someone special, selecting eligibility criteria that exemplify that person’s goals and values. Or, you may use it to express your educational values—or those of your family or business. Depending on your preferences, the Scholarship you establish can support any area of academic need, including tuition, room and board, and books. Our program staff tracks performance to ensure students continue to meet the terms for Scholarship support.

If the Scholarship you establish is renewable, you can review updated information on the progress of recipients over the years. You may even elect to meet these students—something many donors find rewarding.

Example Donor Story

Valuing education.

A couple of years into a comfortable retirement, Mr. and Mrs. DiAngelo, both retired teachers, realized how much they missed making a difference in the lives of students. “For both of us, education was not only a profession—it was a calling,” says John DiAngelo. Looking for a way to stay involved, the DiAngelos started a Scholarship with their community foundation. They wanted Scholarships made in their name to benefit students interested in becoming teachers. “The community foundation helped us create our legacy. It’s a wonderful feeling to let students know we still care,” says John. “The community foundation does all the administrative work involved in determining the most deserving students,” says Rose DiAngelo. Over the past three years, The DiAngelo Education Fund has provided six Scholarships to the next generation of teachers.

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