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Tami Wenning
Executive Director

Creating Your Fund

In charitable giving, each gift is unique. Every donor has different philanthropic interests and priorities as well as a different financial situation. To meet that variety of needs, the Decatur County Community Foundation offers flexible giving options. 

Your 4 Giving Options

Community Funds: Invest in Decatur County, Indiana – Now and in the Future

A community fund allows you to make a charitable gift that meets the ever-changing community needs in Decatur County. This includes future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time the gift is made.

Because this fund is the most flexible, our experienced staff and board can do what they do best – assess community needs and respond by supporting nonprofit organizations that undertake our community’s most critical work.

Community funds enable you to support long-term solutions, respond quickly to emergencies, and meet changing social, cultural, educational, or environmental needs in our local community.

Field of Interest Funds: Target a Broad Area of Concern

With a field of interest fund, you can target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. You identify your personal interest areas when making the gift (e.g. early childhood education, historic preservation, preventative health, etc) and DCCF will award grants to community agencies and programs that are making a difference in the area of your choosing. Your flexible gift will be used in your interest area even as situations change over time.

Your area of personal interest can be as broad or narrow as you’d like. We monitor our changing community so that you can be sure your fund makes the greatest impact and creates your personal legacy of giving.

A field of interest fund is often leveraged by combining it with other related funds to make a larger investment in your field of interest.

Designated Funds: Support Your Favorite Organizations

A designated fund allows you to direct a gift to one or more specific organizations. You select the recipient and DCCF’s staff will manage the annual distribution of funds – forever. Because it’s given through the DCCF, your gift provides your chosen organization’s with secure long-term funding.

If the organization you select ceases to exist or changes its mission, the fund will be redirected so that it continues to address your charitable intent, preserving your charitable interests even as times change. This is our commitment to you and your legacy.


Donor Advised Funds: Choose Your Charities and Your Timing

Through a donor-advised fund, you can have ongoing investment in the use of your charitable gifts.

Donor advised funds are convenient, flexible tools for people who want to be highly involved. If you have a broad range of charitable interests, you may prefer this option since grants are based upon the input you provide on your time schedule. You can establish a fund today, make grants now or in the future, and add to the fund at any time.

Donor advised funds are typically less costly and easier to administer than other forms of philanthropic giving (such as family or corporate foundations). And, unlike commercial charitable funds, we can provide help and guidance at your request, drawing on our 25+ years of experience in the region.


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