You just got off work and you’re on your way home. Your day wasn’t all you had hoped for, but you get home and walk through the door to be greeted by A MILLION PUPPY KISSES! And suddenly, your day doesn’t seem so bad.

Puppy kisses are a reality for students at Greensburg Junior High School! One of the biggest success stories from the past few years came in the form of a little puppy. Her name is Daisy! She is owned by Greensburg Junior High School dean of students, Deb Smith, and she has been trained to be a therapy dog for the students of GJHS. Through a grant from DCCF, Daisy was trained to be able to love on kiddos and comfort them in their times of need. We could tell you more about her, but the video below is a whole lot sweeter! ❤️❤️❤️