Large Project Grant Overview

Have an idea to make a big impact on the community? The Large Grant Cycles vary year-by-year. To learn about the due dates for 2020, please call our office at 662-6364.

Large Grant Application Process

  1. Each applicant is required to submit an online Letter of Intent which is reviewed to see if it complies with general guidelines. No application will be sent without a Letter of Intent. Form letters will neither be reviewed nor acknowledged.
  2. Upon acceptance, the applicant will be invited to submit a formal application through our online portal.
  3. A volunteer grant committee will review the completed application. A member of that committee may contact you or request a site visit.
  4. Their recommendations are forwarded to the Decatur County Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, who will make final funding decisions.
  5. The Board may choose to fund the grant as written, fund part of the grant, or provide no funding at all. All applicants will be notified via email regarding funding decisions.
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