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We help not-for-profits do community-changing work.

The DCCF awards more than $300,000 in grants to not-for-profits each year. Read the descriptions of the different grants below and see if your organization is eligible for a grant. If you have any questions, reach out to us at 812-662-6364.

Grant Applications Timeline 2018

Grant Applications Open Applications Close Notification
Large Grant May 17th September 15 TBD
Small Grant August 6th September 5th TBD
Sustainability Grant January 1st November 30th TBD
Thank-a-Teacher Grant February 2nd October 1st TBD
Ag Field of Interest Grant TBD TBD TBD
Women’s Fund Grant TBD TBD TBD

Large Grant

Have an idea to make a big impact on the community? To be a part of the first grant cycle, Intents must be received by February 15; for the second cycle, intents must be received by May 16; for the third cycle, intents must be received by September 15. Intents must be in the Foundation office by 4:00 on those days to be considered in that cycle.

(Click here for the Large Project Grant Guidelines)

Ag Field of Interest Grant

Agriculture is at the core of Decatur County and we want to see Ag programs succceed.

Sustainability Grant

Sustainability Grants are given to projects and organizations that provide ongoing charitable relief, you and family enrichment, community development/civic engagement, cultural life, education, or health and recreation to the Decaur County Community.

Small Grant

These grants are intended for smaller groups seeking to do projects not requiring an extensive budget. Requests can be for up to $1,500 and are reviewed monthly.

Thank-A-Teacher Grant

Recognizing governmental budget cuts have placed a strain on the ability of teachers to do innovative classroom projects, the Board of Directors established a thank a teacher grant program. These grants, for up to $400, are available to classroom teachers at any school in Decatur County. The grants are for innovative classroom projects and will typically not be given to purchase equipment, for field trips or for items normally part of the school

Women's Fund Grant

Have an idea to create the next big impact for women and girls in Decatur County? Let’s make it happen.

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