Henry A. & Ruby Ernstes Family Scholarships

Henry and Ruby Ernstes have spent most of their lives in Greensburg, but they did not originate from the area.  Henry was born in Houston, Texas in 1914 and Ruby was born in Dayton, TN in 1913. Both of them eventually migrated to our community and met while Henry was in the Decatur County Memorial Hospital after having his appendix removed.  Ruby was his nurse. Henry worked as a farmer his entire life while Ruby worked as a registered nurse. The two, Henry and Ruby, had three children, of which ended up giving them seven grandchildren, who have now given them ten great grandchildren!  

When asked why the Henry A. and Ruby Ernstes Family Scholarship was created, Henry replied that after his wife’s passing they decided that because his wife was a registered nurse and his daughter, Sister Christine of Oldenburg Academy, had graduated from Marian University, that it was only right that they develop a scholarship through the foundation to be given to a Decatur County student pursuing a post-secondary education with a preference given to those attending the Marian University Nursing Program.