Krista Eldridge Memorial Scholarship

Matt Eldridge met his late wife, Krista Nobbe, when they were both teenagers living on Decatur County farms.  They attended North Decatur High School and the two seemed to never be apart. Krista’s passion was social work and Mat’s love was agriculture, which they respectively studied at Purdue University while they were dating.  

After earning their college degrees, the two travelled around for quite a few years. During this time Matt and Krista had two children, Ethan and Abbigayl. In 2002, the two decided it was time to move back and put down roots somewhere closer to their families.  They moved from their current location of Reno, Nevada to Franklin, Indiana. It was at this time that Matt and Penny planned on having their third child, Lillian.

It was in June of 2004 when Matt watched his wife, currently seven months pregnant, from the sidelines of one of Ethan’s T-Ball games and noticed that she seemed to be short of breath.  The doctor initially decided she had been experiencing pregnancy-induced asthma, but then as it got worse the doctor thought she had pneumonia. Three weeks later, Matt and Krista learned that Krista had a cancerous tumor growing within her chest cavity on the surface of her lung. While they waited for Lillian to develop closer towards scheduled birth, Krista underwent chemotherapy with no avail.  Her tumor had grown two times in size and on July 30, Lillian was delivered eight weeks early and transferred to Riley hospital for children. They did everything they could for Krista, but they were simply too late to prevent the cancerous cells to spread throughout her body. It was at this time that Matt and Krista explained to their children the best they could that their mommy was dying.

On August 31, 2004, one day before her thirty-third birthday, Krista Nobbe Eldridge passed away.  In honor of the wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend to all, the Krista Eldridge Memorial Scholarship was created in her memory. This scholarship is given to a North Decatur High School graduating senior with preference given to a student attending Purdue for human or social services.