Lake Santee Women’s Club Scholarship

In an interview with Mrs. Mary Fox, she explained to the foundation all about the origin and background of the Lake Santee Women’s Club Scholarship.  The Lake Santee Women’s Club was initially created to bring the women of the community together to play games, cards, and socialize. As time went on, members wanted to become more involved with the community and finding ways to better their area of the county.  

In 2003, Mary Fox and her husband moved into the area and shortly after she became the president of the club. With her help the club started some very successful events that have since raised a lot of dollars for the lake community and surrounding areas. The club has held silent auctions that have made upwards of three thousand dollars and many other events with comparable funds raised. Mary, coming from her teaching background, also wanted the club to give back to their community in another way.  In 2005 Mary and the club established the Lake Santee Women’s Club Scholarship through the foundation to support a full time resident of the lake that was attending an accredited high school in the area.

When asked why she chose to use the foundation as the organizational and investment body for the scholarship, Mary explained that she had been wondering what would happen to their funds if the club or its members would for some reason cease to exist. She said that she knew with the foundation taking the reins of the scholarship, it would be in great hands, continue to exist regardless of the club’s status, and continue supporting the students of Lake Santee.  The club also has a mini teacher grant of two hundred and fifty dollars that they give twice a year to a teacher that owns property at the lake. Mary said that in the recent years, the club has also raised funds to support the Clarksburg Volunteer Fire Department, bought equipment to put out boat fires in the case of a fire at the lake, and also donated and helped out a lot with the bread of life in Greensburg.