Miers Family Fund

The Miers Family Fund was created by David and Mary Miers at the time when the Decatur County Community Foundation was matching contributions of new funds and scholarships via their unrestricted fund.  David was one of the Foundation’s original board members and knew that the Foundation would be a great place to invest his family’s money that is part of their long term estate plan. The fund was chosen to be a donor advised fund, so that with the communities changing needs, the money could be put towards what was most relevant at the time.  David also explained that he gives out a scholarship every year to one of the Decatur County Queen Contest contestants in his mother’s, Nansi Miers, name. She was the chairman of the contest for many years. He said with his donor advised fund powers, he plans to use the funding to sponsor the Nansi Miers Memorial Scholarship in the upcoming years.


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