Robbins Family Charitable Trust

Bill, a Decatur County resident his entire life, was born in Rushville, Indiana in 1941.  Bill was attending law school at Indiana University when he met his wife Sally S. Robbins.  Sally and Bill have seven children together. Bill has been an attorney for over forty years and has also managed the family farm as well.  Bill, being a very philanthropically minded individual, has been a key factor in many organizations within the community. Bill is the president for Habitat for Humanity, is involved with Rotary, and has also been a trustee for the YMCA.  Just as well he was a charter for the Decatur County Community Foundation.

Bill and his sister, Janet Jo Bubb, once again being very philanthropically minded, began The Robbins Family Charitable Trust in 1998. The Robbins family Charitable Trust is a charitable lead trust designed to fund projects in the community that are charity based.  The fund has been a success since its inception. Bill is obviously a very outstanding member of our community and displays just what makes Decatur County so great.