Robert L. Browning Memorial Fund

Robert L. Browning was born on August 9, 1935.  He met his met his wife while attending college at Anderson University.  Robert was in the seminary and both he and his wife, Doris, moved to Greensburg on August 1, 1961.  This same year he became the pastor at the First Church of God in Greensburg.

According to everyone who was asked, there basic description of him was that he gave his life to the church and that he was very encouraging to young people to seek betterment for themselves.  Robert started the ministerial association within this community and also helped with the chaplaincy at the Decatur County Memorial Hospital. He passed away at the age of sixty-nine, after forty-three years of service to the First Church of God. After his passing and a new pastor, John Mattern, had came to the church, the church’s men group that Robert had been very active with, was beginning to dwindle down.  

The group decided that they needed to do something that would memorialize Robert in a lasting way.

Knowing that one of their late pastor’s goals was to raise up young ministers, they decided they would take their funds and begin the Robert L. Browning Memorial Fund. This fund is to fund a scholarship to be given to a Decatur County student pursuing a career in the ministry at a Christian institution and if there is no acceptable applicant the scholarship shall be awarded to a student attending Anderson University.  In this way, the fund gives back to the community just as well as carrying on what Robert would have wanted.