Ronald and Judith Scheidler Donor-Advised Fund

Ronald and Judith Scheidler were both born and raised in the Decatur County area.  Ronald was from Millhousen while Judith was raised near Napoleon. The two both attended university, Xavier for Ronald and Indiana University for Judith, and later were married.  Afterwards, while Judith worked as a teacher and Ronald worked as a purchasing agent for BCA Bearings, the two had three children; Beth, Kyle, and Paige. Beth and Kyle attended Greensburg Schools until they moved on to university and Paige attended the Ursaline Academy of Cincinnati.  

Each of the kids went on to college. Beth attended Indiana University and finished her schooling at Regis University, Kyle attended Notre Dame, and Paige attended University of Dayton. An uncertain turn of events came upon the Scheidler family in 1981. Ronald was diagnosed with cancer and fought it until his passing in 1991.  Judith was also diagnosed with cancer in 1989 and passed in 1990. At this time was when the residents of Decatur County really stepped up and took control of the situation and three different families each took in one of the surviving children.

After they had each graduated from college and had some time to settle in various places around the country, Ronald and Judith’s children felt that they wanted to give back to the community that had given them so much during times that weren’t so good and the community that they had a very strong respect for.  After Beth had graduated and moved on, she worked for a private family fund located in Ft. Collins, Colorado and later moved on to the North Central Washington Community Foundation in 2003.

By then she had been very well rounded in how funds and community foundations work and knew that a fund through the Decatur County Community Foundation was the perfect way to not only memorialize the very well respected parents who worked so hard to raise her and her siblings into the successful individuals they are today, but to also give back to the community that had gone out of their way to help them in their time of need.  So the three children began the Ronald and Judith Scheidler Donor Advised Fund.

Beth explained that with their donor advised fund, they have a great flexibility to give their funds to a broad amount of needs within the Decatur County Community as they arise with the changing times. She also explained that they usually choose to fund things that their parents had also supported such as the library, St. Mary’s, and the Cheer Fund which her late father was very active with.