Sandusky Alumni Scholarship

The class of 1963 was the final graduating class of the Sandusky High School, previously located a short drive out of Greensburg on State Road 3.  After this the school sent their students to Clarksburg until the new North Decatur High School was finished. Shortly before the school closed, an alumni association was formed, but they only had a handful of reunions before the school closed.  The alumni association had a reunion every two years that was held at the Sandusky High School’s building until it was officially closed to no longer be a school whatsoever.

When the school closed, the alumni association raised money by auctioning off historic pieces of the school like photos, the desks, and the mascot costume.  With the money they raised, they decided to use it for two purposes; to create a scholarship for a Clay Twp. Student graduating from North Decatur and to fund their alumni reunions. They invested and grew their scholarship fund through CD investments for quite some time, and it did great up until recent years where the returns the association was receiving were next to nothing.  

At the same time that the returns began to dwindle down, Mrs. Bonita Myers and her husband had been serving on the alumni board for years and the older group of alumni members approached her to ask if she would be willing to take the records/assets and to look after them herself. She accepted the proposal and ended up computerizing all of their records. As she studied the association’s insides and outs, she realized that they had four thousand dollars, or so, sitting there and dwindling with their current organization of their own scholarship.  She knew the money wasn’t bringing much of a return and that the money wasn’t really needed to fund their reunions being that North Decatur had offered their facilities for free to the alumni group to use for their reunions.

Myers knew of the foundation through various human resource connections she had made in the community and had noticed others putting successful scholarships together through the foundation. She decided that it was best that the four thousand dollars should be put into a scholarship fund and secured by the foundation rather than the alumni group organize it themselves.  She addressed the alumni group and the remainder of their fund was placed into the Sandusky Alumni Scholarship that they established with the foundation.

The scholarship retained the group’s original intent of awarding a scholarship to a student graduating from North Decatur that lives in Clay Twp. At this time, the group currently has around one hundred and twenty members from all over. Their next reunion will take place in June of 2012 to honor fifty years of graduation for the 1961-1962 grads. Myers reports after the 2014 reunion, the one that will honor the final class’ fifty years, the group will most likely be ending their reunions for good.