Sheldon & Elizabeth Smith Greensburg Kindergarden Fund

Both Sheldon and Elizabeth Smith were from the county, and both were very active in the community.  In an interview with Daryl Smith, their youngest son, he kept stressing that education was very important to his family.  His mother was a graduate of Purdue University and a Greensburg Kindergarten teacher. His father was a graduate of Ball State University, had a real estate and booking keeping service in town, and was also the mayor of Greensburg for sixteen years.  

Both were first generation college graduates, and their college pursuits were passed on to their children as well. Their oldest daughter, June who happens to also be a teacher, attended Indiana University and received her masters from Purdue University.  Their oldest son, Pete, received his degree from Kentucky Wesleyan and Daryl received his degrees from Princeton University and Indiana University Law School Indianapolis. It is obvious that receiving an education was important to the family, just as well as teaching is.  

Daryl commented that his wife and son are also teachers. With all of these teachers in the family, the family decided to memorialize their mom and dad with a fund that’s sole purpose would be to support Greensburg Kindergarten programs. This fund was formally named the Sheldon and Elizabeth Smith Greensburg Kindergarten Fund.  Daryl also commented that his family were big believers in the foundation and that he believed that, “Good things come to those who work hard and treat others well”. This is why we give.