Stone Family Memorial Fund

The Stone Family Memorial Fund is a fund organized through the Decatur County Community Foundation that was created in 2007 in memorial of William Isaac Stone Sr. and Helen Ruth Reisman Stone.  Their eleven children decided this was the best way to memorialize how their parents wanted their memorial donations given after William and Helen’s passing. William Isaac Stone Sr. was from Missouri and just happened to be working in Indianapolis while Helen Ruth Reisman was attending nurses training in Indianapolis as well.  They met on a blind date and the rest is history. In 1947, William purchased what is now Stone’s Tavern, in Millhousen, from Grandma Reisman. Helen and William were quite involved with the community. William was very involved with the cancer society, in that he drove people to and from their treatments. He was also active with the Heart Association, the Greensburg Elks, the Knights of Columbus, and the Knights of St. John.  He was also very instrumental in the creation and funding of the Millhousen Volunteer Fire Department. Helen worked for the Decatur County Memorial Hospital and always helped members of the community in need. When asked why giving was important to her and her ten brothers and sisters, Toni Collins, explained that throughout their entire lives they had seen their parents giving and they simply had learned to do the same. She also reported that if she and her family had unlimited resources they would upgrade Millhousen to something like a “Little Nashville”.  The Stone Family Memorial Fund was set up by William and Helen’s children to provide funding with first consideration going to programs and projects which shall improve the quality of the Millhousen Community and secondly to the needs of Decatur County. With this fund, their parents shall forever be memorialized and their community shall forever be bettered.


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