Walter B. Lowe Continued Education Scholarship

If there ever was a name to be given to one of the most influential people in Decatur Counties’ history, it could easily be Walter B. Lowe.  Born in Greensburg on November 22, 1896, Walter was a graduate of Greensburg Community High School and Indiana University. He graduated early to leave for training during World War One.  Later he was sent home due to his health, and he returned home to take care of his mother in Greensburg. Walter became staff at the Greensburg Daily News in 1919 and ended up becoming editor the editor and publisher of the paper the same year that he married his wife, Anna Paul Lowe, 1948.  Anna Paul, born on September 29, 1910, is from Brookston, Indiana and just happens to be the oldest living graduate of Covington High School in Covington, Indiana. Anna also attended Indiana University for some time and worked with Dr. Kinsey from the Kinsey Institute. Later, after researching new and interesting careers for women, she decided to begin at Purdue University for home economics.  After graduation she worked at the Knightstown Children’s Home for some time before continuing her education at West Minster and Mills College. She was even a sponsor for refugees to come to the United States during World War Two! Walter and Anna had been seeing each other for thirteen years or so before they married in 1948 and they had twin daughters in 1949. Both Walter and Anna are very philanthropically minded individual’s and it shows through all of the things they did in and out of Decatur County.  Walter, who worked for the Greensburg Daily News for fifty-seven years, was head of the paper for twenty-five. During his time as head of the paper, he worked to create an innovative benefit package that gave greater benefits than the union could ever offer workers as factories and many industrial organizations were moving into the area. He knew that the way to keep great workers was simply to treat them like they were great workers. Just as well, at the annual Christmas party, instead of providing alcohol as a form of celebration, Walter provided a cash bonus to his workers.  Walter was very involved with the community, outside of the Daily News as well. He helped start Alcoholics Anonymous in Decatur County; he was a Kiwanis Club Charter and the Lieutenant Governor of the Kiwanis for Westport and St. Paul; he was the president of Hoosier Press; involved with the Indiana Republican Editorial Association and Inland Press; and most known for his charitable acts and creation of the Cheer Fund. Walter was the kind of man that while others were thinking of retiring, he was thinking of building schools for the county, because he knew what it was like to have kids, the costs that came with kids, and the overcrowding that was going on due to new industry arriving.  Walter died on January 1, 1976 with his taxes finished on his desk. He was forever memorialized by his family in the form of a scholarship that is to be given to a person pursuing a degree within Decatur County at the Learning Center that is above age thirty-five. Walter’s two daughters and his wife, Anna Paul, still live on to carry on his story and Anna plans to soon celebrate her hundred-first birthday!


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