Will and Dot Ricke Fund

Will and Dot Ricke were both born and raised in Decatur County.  Dot was from Greensburg and actually lived in her family’s home that was behind where Walgreens and Chili’s are currently located just to the west of State Road Three entering town from the north.  Dot attended St. Mary’s school and Oldenburg Academy and absolutely loved them. Will was raised in Clarksburg, attended Clarksburg High School, and his family has continued to live in the area ever since.  The two met and later became married in 1953. With time, two sons and a daughter were born and they all attended St. Mary’s school. They also have nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

For most of his career, Will worked as a sales manager for a livestock feed company and he also gave lots of his time to the community.  He was a Little League Baseball manager for ten to twelve years, worked with two other levels of baseball, and was a 4H leader. Basically he loved working with kids and he said he strived to make them the best they could be. About seven years ago, 2004, Will Sister Teresa of Oldenburg Academy asked him if he would serve as a board member.  He was slightly skeptical he said, but Dot convinced him.

Afterwards the two began discussions of how they would leave their assets behind and ended up creating the Will and Dot Ricke Fund for St. Mary’s School and the Will & Dot Ricke Fund for Oldenburg Academy. Will explained, “Sharon Hollowell gave us all of the information we needed and I am really faithful for the foundation to support our community like it does”.  

Will and Dot felt with that with the creation of their two funds, the most individuals would be affected for the better and for the longest time possible. Each of the funds are designed to give out a return that is to be used by each school individually, each year to fund a project or something they would like to do that will benefit the most children at each school.

After fifty-five years of marriage, Dot passed away on August 2, 2009 after battling cancer for some time.  Will ended his interview by explaining that Dot was a wonderful lady and that when he thinks about what his legacy shall be, he explained, “My legacy will be the kids”. Being that he has had a direct impact on many children’s lives; his legacy will live on for quite some time.